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EVO 9 Sports Parts Price List

Mitsubishi EVO IX Road Car Price List

Mitsubishi Ralliart has been producing quality road and performance parts that have been tried and tested through vigorous motorsport events. You can be assured of the quality of genuine Ralliart parts. The Ralliart EVOLUTION 9 has a range of parts for your road car.


Parts Price
TMR Engine Pipe P.O.A
TMR CO Censor (Change Over) P.O.A
TMR CO Censor (New) P.O.A
Clutch Disc 605.00
Engine Power Upgrade P.O.A
Ralliart Uprated Clutch Pressure Plate 885.12
Long Reach Competition Spark Plug 203.77
Engine Oil Filler Cap (Red) 128.70
Ralliart Sports Air Filter 216.32
Higher Pressure Radiator Cap 59.77
Opt 1 - (Ohlins) Adjustable Bump/Rebound & Spring Platforms with Springs to suit  
Opt 2 - (Koni) Adjustable Bump/Rebound, with Lowered Uprated Springs, Fixed Spring Platform  
Opt 3 - (Koni) Coil Over, Fully Adjustable Bump, Rebound & Spring Saddle with Uprated Springs  
Opt 5 - Front Adjustable Bump/Rebound with Lower Uprated F&R Spring Package (Fixed Spring Platform) Standard Rear Shock  
Opt 6 - Uprated, Progressive Rate Spring Package, Lower Front (30mm), Rear (25mm), with Bilstein Suspension 15mm at the rear.)  
Competition Suspension Bush Kit Front & Rear (Not including Sway Bars) P.O.A
24mm Rear Anti Roll Bar  
Higher Performance Front Brake Pads (Suit standard Brembo package) P.O.A
Higher Performance Rear Brake Pads (Suit standard Brembo package) P.O.A
ADR approved Braided Brake Lines Body to Caliper, Front and Rear  
ADR approved TMR Front Brake Kit, consisting of 343mm x 32mm disc, Hat Mounted and 6 Piston Calliper (As fitted to the TMR 220)  
This package fits into the Standard 17" Wheel  
Front Brake Discs (Grooved full floating) replaces standard disc with Performance Brake Pad  
Front Brake Discs (Grooved and Plain) (Replacement for Standard disc) x 2 - Brembo  
Strut Tower Bar Front (Ralliart) 517.28
Vortex Generator - Black/Grey/Blue/Red/White/Yellow/Silver 260.37
Scuff plates with Evolution 101.97
Engine Bay Accent Panel - Red/Silver 245.52
Shift Panel (Carbon Look) 358.44
Diff Front Ralliart LSD Super Traction (Gravel & Tarmac Spec) 4619.95
Transfer Case Service Kit (Required when fitting Front LSD) 283.20
To be used with Front Diff,1.5 or 1.3 Cone Springs x 2 @ $113.00 each.  
Diff & Transmission Mounting Competition Bush Kit.  
Centre Diff Control Unit suit GSR  AYC Only 1394.03
Upgrade Fuel Pump (Replace standard unit) P.O.A


Prices indicated include GST and may change without notification

Motorsport Engineering and Management accept no liabilty for any failure of
any part that may occur whether fitted by Motorsport Engineering &
Management or the consumer

No Labour charges are included and will be quoted on upon request

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