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TMR claims Australian Manufacturers Championship for Mitsubishi


After a hard fought battle in trying conditions in the first endurance race at the final round of the Australian Manufacturers Championship at the Melbourne Sandown race circuit on Saturday 28th November 2009, the championship was decided.  TMR ensured Mitsubishi’s hero car, the Lancer Evolution, secured a convincing 1st place in the Australian Manufacturers Championship with 670 points followed by Toyota with 459 points and Subaru with 338 points.

TMR’s Lancer Evolution RS driven by Rod Salmon gained pole position with newcomer Ian (Inky) Tulloch sharing the first row in 2nd place after qualifying only 3 tenths of a second behind Salmon.  Inky Tulloch was debuting his TMR built, prepared and managed Lancer Evolution RS in this event.  It was only Inky’s 2nd time in the car after a brief drive at the Bathurst Sprint just 2 weeks earlier.  Rod Salmon and Damien White proved to be a formidable pair for the one hour endurance round, taking out first place in race 1 and therefore clinching the Australian Manufacturers Championship, with only one remaining race to decide if Rod Salmon would also take 1st place in the Australian Manufacturers Drivers Championship.

Race 2 saw Rod Salmon and Inky Tulloch take the front row for their class in the handicapped race, and even after a 72 second handicap, Rod Salmon and Damien White took 1st place outright with Inky close behind in 2nd outright.  Even with the two wins for the weekend, Rod just missed out on the drivers Championship by 2 points, but he did win the John Bowe trophy with 338 points ahead of Lee Castle and Gary Holt with 326 and 275 points respectively.  Rod Salmon also claimed 1st in his class (A1) for the Series with 368 points ahead of Lee Castle and Steve Glenney with 350 and 168 points respectively as well as claiming victory for the final round outright.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution RS and TMR have proven to be an unbeatable team having taken 1st and 2nd place in the Bathurst 12hour for the last 2 years.  TMR ran Rod Salmon, Damien White and Graham Alexander in 2008 in a TMR built Mitsubishi EVO IX winning the event outright alongside TMR’s second entry of Tony Quinn, Clarke Quinn and Grant Denyer who secured 2nd place in their TMR prepared EVO IX. 

In 2009, TMR ran two of the new model Lancer Evolution RS, one for Rod Salmon, Damien White and Tony Longhurst alongside their second entry of Glyn Crimp, Stuart Kostera and Tony Ricciardello and again took out 1st and 2nd place respectively.  TMR had done extensive development with the new model since its release but went into the event not knowing how it would perform in the taxing conditions that only Bathurst can deliver.  The success of the two Bathurst 12hour victories and now the 2009 Manufacturers Championship displays the synergy  between Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution RS and Alan Heaphy’s Dandenong based TMR team. 

TMR No 1 at Bathurst 12 Hour 2009


Mitsubishi Dominates Podium On Lancer Evolution's Debut

After 1,500 kilometres of fierce, non-stop competition Mitsubishi's Lancer Evolution has triumphed, dominating the nation's largest production car endurance race and claiming all three steps on the podium at the Bathurst 12 Hour.

Around the historic Mount Panorama circuit the all-wheel drive Lancer Evolution proved the vehicle of choice with reigning 12 Hour Champions Rod Salmon, Damien White and Tony Longhurst backing up from their 2008 victory in their Skwirk Interactive Schooling backed machine.

"It's one of the most spectacular results I could hope for, and the TMR Skwirk Evo has been faultless," said driver and team owner Rod Salmon. "We came here and knew what we wanted to do, and it's a big ask to win once – to win twice is a real fairytale, a dream come true."

Run by Team Mitsubishi Ralliart Australia and guided by the hugely experienced Alan Heaphy, the trio of Salmon, Longhurst and White held off a late charge by the sister West Surfing Products Lancer Evolution of Glyn Crimp, Stuart Kostura and Tony Ricciardello.

In the end White and Ricciardello fought out the final hour of the race and crossed the finish line to grab the top two placings split by just 6.4 seconds.

"After four 1000km races, this was my first 12 Hour race and it was a great experience.  It has been a good bonding experience and it was even better to make the podium. Overall, it was a great team effort and big wraps must go to Glyn and Stuart," said Ricciardello.

Both teams praised the incredible performance and reliability their vehicles displayed over the course of the weekend.

"Reliability wasn't an issue all weekend and everything ran like clockwork," said Ricciardello.

Alan Heaphy backed up the sentiments of Salmon and Ricciardello. "How much better can you get, the 12 Hour win and the second-fastest lap time with one car, and second place and the lap record with the other," said Heaphy.

"We came here in 1991 with Nissan GT-R's and blitzed them, and we've done the same now with the Evo. Brilliant."

Sporting the vastly experienced duo of Jason Bargwanna and Brad Jones the final place on the podium fell to the ProDuct Motorsport Lancer Evolution. A host of pit stops throughout the day to investigate a fuel pickup problem the only blight on the duos performance.

"We just continued to circulate all day, stayed out of trouble, had 19 pit stops due to a fuel pick up problem, so all in all it is very busy race but it was pleasing to get up here on the podium at Bathurst," said Bargwanna.

2009 WPS Bathurst 12 Hour Showroom Enduro Outright Results – Top Ten 

1 #1 R.Salmon/T.Longhurst/D.White – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - 239 laps
2 #55 G.Crimp/T.Ricciardello/S.Kostera - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
3 #35 J.Bargwana/S.Knight/B.Jones – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution – 238 laps
4 #43 D.Wall/D.Wall/T.Symonds – Mitsubishi Evo IX GSR – 237 laps
5 #11 B.Morcom/L.Searle/P.Stubber - BMW 335i
6 #3 S.Jones/K.Wade/A.Caratti – Mitsubishi Evo IX – 235 laps
7 #23 S.Briffa/M.Zukanovic/T.Sipp - Holden VE R8 Clubsport – 231 laps
8 #20 G.Holt/P.Morris/R.Shaw – BMW 335i – 228 laps
9 #24 G.Walden/B.Walden/M.Auld - Holden Commodore SS
10 #62 T.Leahey/P.Hill/E.Bana – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Bathurst 12 hour 2008


First and Second in the race, fastest lap of the race and pole position"

While the dynamic Lancer Evolution is known and respected worldwide for its performance in rallies, the weekend result in close to standard trim, reinforces the value-for-money competitive package that the vehicle represents. The two winning vehicles were built and prepared by Team Mitsubishi Ralliart in our Dandenong workshop by the small but dedicated team that also have experience in Gravel and Tarmac rallies.

The two TMR prepared cars qualified on the second row of the grid but took the lead at the drop of the flag, passing the two front row cars before the first turn. Each ran faultlessly all day and the drivers did a great job in maintaining a competitive pace without subjecting the vehicles to unnecessary stress. Neither car was out of the top five for long and each had several turns at leading the event. With just over 30 laps to run, the car of Rod Salmon, Graham Alexander and Damian White took the lead from the sister car of Tony and Klark Quinn and Grant Denyer and secured the chequered flag.

The two TMR EVO9 built and prepared Lancers finished the race 30 seconds apart after 12 hours of racing, claiming first and second place both outright and within Class A. The third outright car (BMW 335 twin turbo) was over 1 lap behind, with the third placing car in Class A being 10 laps behind our leading cars.Third place was a lap behind. The cars were very economical to run, with only the eventual first placed vehicle requiring two front tyres towards the end of the event. Other than that they only needed fuel. At the end of the race, neither had used any oil and, given a brake bleed, could have done another 12 hours.

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